Drums & Percussion, Unterricht, Tips und Tricks


Drummerworld: viele Drummer & Percussionisten

Drums.de - Drums, Lessons u.o.

Percussion Creativ - Percussion & Drums

Wikipedia - Percussion Lexicon

Andy Lindner - Drums

Udo Dahmen - Drums

David Garibaldi - Drums

Alex Acuna - Drums/Percussion

Jose-Cortijo - Percussion

Alex Vesper - Drums

Don Alias - Percussion

Jost Nickel - Drums

Paulhino da Costa - Percussion

Glen Velez - Percussion

Gilson de Assis - Percussion

Ramesh Shotham - Percussion

Dudu Tucci - Percussion

Alfonso Garrido - Percussion

Marcio Doctor - Percussion

John Santos - Percussion

Luis Conte - Percussion

Schlagwerk Percussion - Musician

Arndt Beckmann - Percussion

Thomas Altmann - Percussion

Rhani Krija - Percussion

Hakim Ludin - Percussion

Sals@lemania - European Salsa Bands

Freddie Santiago - Percussion


Nicky Gephard - Drums

Marc Collazo / Bongolei - Percussion

Kristof Hinz - Drums

Manni von Bohr - Drums

Markus Paßlick - Percussion

Michael Küttner - Drums/Percussion

Birger Sulsbrück - Percussion

Martin Verdonk - Percussion

Andi Gillmann - Drums

Tom Schäfer - Percussion

Stefan Emig - Drums/Percussion


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