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Randy Crawford - What a Difference a Day Makes (live, 1995) - YouTube

Randy Crawford │Rio de Janeiro Blue - YouTube

Randy Crawford │Purple Rain - YouTube

Randy Crawford │Give me the night - YouTube

Randy Crawford │I'll be around - YouTube

Collaboration, productions, tours and concerts with, among others:

Randy Crawford (CD Productions and European Tour)
Quincy Jones (Stomp ReMix by Mousse T.)
DJ Bobo (CD und DVD Productions and European Tours)
Fury in the Slaughterhouse (CD Productions and Tours)
Bootsie Collins, Fred Wesley (CD Release Concert with Randy Crawford)
Phil Collins (Play back at 'Wetten, das...')
Camerata Freden (Members of the Berlin Symphony and London Symphony Orchestra, RTL-Radio Orchestra a. o.)
Lamont Dozier (Concerts with 'Soul Lounge' in Germany)
Cultured Pearls (CD Productions and Tours)
Roachford, Hiram Bullock (Concerts with 'Soul Lounge' in Germany)
Echt (CD Productions and Tours)
Mousse T. (CD and TV Productions and Concerts)
Inga Rumpf (German Tour)
Richard Clayderman (Show Act)
Cunnie Williams (CD Productions and Tour)
Supreme Chord Jesters (CD Production)
Dave Liebman (Concert)
Terry Hoax (CD Productions)
Havanna (CD Production und Concerts)
Backstreet (CD Production)
Gamut of Crime (CD Production)
She´s China (CD Production und Concerts)
Sidney Youngblood (Concert)
Gregor Prächt (CD Productions)
Charlie Mariano (Concert)
Benny Bailey (Concert)
Thomas Quasthoff (Concert)
Sono (Concerts)
Soulounge (Concerts)
Roger Cicero (Concerts with 'Soulounge')
Johannes Oerding (Soulounge)
Eugene Ruffolo (CD Production)
Si Mullumby (Concerts)
Max Mutzke (Shows)
Guildo Horn ( Shows)
Marcus Meyn/Camouflage (Shows)
Marian Gold/Alphaville (Shows)
NDR Big Band (Production)
Gabriel Gordon (Shows)
Björn Vüllgraf Big Band (Concerts)
Bundespresseball Big Band (Concerts)
Roman Lob (Bundespresseball Big Band)
Jazzkantine (Concert)
Klaus Lage (Concert)

Milagros Piñera Ybaceta (Radio Philharmony NDR, Hannover) Miguel Leonardo García Pérez (Radio Philharmony NDR, Hannover)
NDR Philharmonic Orchstra (Pops - Ochestra)
Heinz Rudolf Kunze (Concerts)
Pe Werner (Pop meets Classic Show)
Jan Plewka (Pop meets Classic Show)


"Pornorama", Mousse T. & Tex Super (Film music), Marc Rothemund (Director), Bernd Eichinger (Script)

"Mongol"- The life of Genghis Khan, (directed by Sergei Bodrov), was nominated for the „Oscar“ in the cathegory 'Best Foreign Language Film' in 2008.

Current Band projects:

The Bahama Soul Club

Mellow Melange


Max & Friends

Björn Vüllgraf Big Band

Heinz Rudolf Kunze

DrumCircles, Team-Groove, Music in Business for:







Training / teaching:

Has been teaching at Osnabrück Collage of Music since 2013.

Has been teaching various music classes, Undergraduate and KA (“Serious Drum Classes”) at the Hannover College of Music and Theater for Latin and Popular Percussion since 2001.

Has been teaching latin percussion lessons at the Music Department of the Cologne College of Music and Theater since 2003.

Has been teaching at the Cologne College of Music and Theater for the Pre-College Cologne PCC since 2004.

Teaching KA (Serious Drum Classes) at the Münster Collage of Music in 2009.

2006/07 : Provide distant-learning undergraduate/master courses at the Arnheim ArtEZ Conservatorium for latin and popular percussion.

Guest lecturer at numerous German institutes, including theTrossingen National Academy, Remscheid National Academy, Vds, Afs, Movimentos Akademie Wolfsburg

Guest lecturer at the Colleges of Music in Detmold, Bremen and Hamburg.

I have been a temporary guest lecturer at Viff, Institute for Early Education for Young Musicians at the Hannover College of Music and Theatre since September 2006.

I have been teaching “Drummers of the wind section” at the IGS List in Hannover since October '06.

Director of 'Tres-Golpes' School for percussion, drumset and rythm in Hannover.

Coordination and Cooperation:

Production at the Wiesbaden National Theatre 'Die Wirbelsäulenflöte' (Mayakowski),

Hannover National Theatre ' Die Geschichte des Tanzes' (L. Höfgen)

Sony Deutschland Exhibitions, Sony

Isabell´s Rache, Schauspielhaus Hannover


"Modern Percussion", Lessons for Percussion and Rhythmik, distributed by Lugert Verlag/Oldershausen, ISBN 3-89760-071-4

"Percussion for Beginners only", distributed by Bosworth Music GmbH, Berlin

Polyrhythmik, Improvisation und Sprache. ditributed by Jürgen Terhag (Hrsg.); Populäre Musik und Pädagogik. Bd. 1. Institut für Didaktik populärer Musik, Oldershausen 1994. S. 133 - 141

Fremde und vertraute Schwerpunkte - Beat und Off-Beat-Training durch rhythmische Phrasenverschiebung, Überlagerungen und Sprache. distributed by Jürgen Terhag (Hrsg.); Populäre Musik und Pädagogik. Bd. 2. Institut für Didaktik populärer Musik, Oldershausen 1996. S. 170 - 181

Universal Percussion - Eine Gratwanderung zwischen Authenzität und Vereinfachung, AfS-Magazin 12/2004

Musikunterricht heute 5. : Traditionelle lateinamerikanische Rhythmen und ihre zeitgenössischen Variationen

Vom Autodidakten zum Traumberuf, AfS Magazin 21

On April 12, I did a guest spot on the new dvd of percussion player and author Tom Schäfer with the instrument 'cabasa'. Other guests are Martin Verdonk, Nene Vasques, a.o.

The dvd is out now at ‚Leu’ !

More current projects:

A play in early music education: 'The Snail Cochlea'

Rhythmic and Polyrhythmic school: „Rhyhmonie“® incl. Audio and Video material.

- Percussion & Play Alongs: "The Rhythm of Percussion"

Many thanks for the best support !

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