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Ausgewählte Diskografie :

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She´s China Night of Illusion

Terry Hoax Freedom Circus

Fury in the Slaughterhouse Mono

Die Härte Wahnsinn 1

Backstreet What We Like

Havanna Rio Ara

Die Härte Die Härte

Big Light Now here

Gamut of Crime Piracy Vol. 1

Romeos Let the Goldfish Go

The Music Speaks How Many Vol. 2

Romeos Rookies of the Years

She´s China Long Way Home

Siggi & Rainer Muss ja

Palo Sampler (Vol. 1), div. Interpreten:Juliet Edwards, Big Light, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, u. a. Vol. 1

Big Light Pop 2000

Fury in the Slaughterhouse Hearing and the Sence of Balance

Randy Crawford Naked And True

Supreme Chord Jesters Play Ground

Cunnie Williams Love Starved Heart

Supreme Chord Jesters Hungry for the world

She´s China Age of Consequence

York kick me out

Arte E Musica La Stagioni della Vita

Quincy Jones Stomp - The Remixes

Fury in the Slaughterhouse Brilliant Thieves

She´s China Live And Unplugged

Randy Crawford Every Kind of Mood

Kürsche I´m Here...

Mousse T. Jam Box (Sample CD)

Jaime Rudolph Zafiro

Chiaconna Chiacona

Mousse T. Overdub Sensation (Sample CD)

Cultured Pearls Liquefied Days

Echt Freischwimmer

Gregor Prächt Gregor

Echt Festival Edition

Fury in the Slaughterhouse Home Inside

Culture Clan Africa

Melodien für Millionen Vol. 7

She`s China Satelite Motel

B.Jaime Rudolph Cana Rios

Audrey Etoile

DJ Bobo Visions Live (DVD)

DJ Bobo Visions Live (Audio CD)

DJ Bobo Pirates of Dance (DVD)

Carl Keaton Soulistik

Take two So easy

Mellow Melange The Answer

Eugene Ruffolo In a different light

Soundtrack / Filmmusik 'Pornorama

Soundtrack / Filmmusik 'Mongol'-Das Leben des Dschingis Khan

Brasilecto Session 4 Brown, Smith & Grey - One Day

DJ Bobo Vampires are alive (DVD)

Britta Rex Traces of Life
B. Rex

The Bahamas Soul Club Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
Bahamas Soul Club

Bernward Jaim’e Rudolph Innavacion


Eddie Philipp Caras
Eddie Fillip

Mellow Melange Little Stories of little things
Little Things

Heinz Rudolf Kunze & Räuberzivil Tiefenschärfe